Business and Employment Opportunites
The development and construction of Grey Box Energy Field will produce substantial benefits for the local community including an expected 100 jobs employed at the peak of construction and ongoing employment for maintenance and operations.
The project will also provide benefits for other sectors in the local community including accommodation, food services and fuel to name a few.
If you are interested in working on the project then please fill out the expression of interest form for employment here.
Community Consultation

Create and Build our relationship with the local businesses and individual – please register your information on the form provided.


ENGAGE - Engaging with the local businesses and individuals informing of the project opportunities and timeframes

OPPORTUNITY - Create opportunities with local businesses and individuals and gather required information of interested parties. Provide this information to the investors, head contractors and subcontractors

RESPOND - Respond to interested parties to ensure to involve all parties in the process and create direct line of communications for contracts and employment for all parties.

If you would like to engage with Leeson Group in relation to this project then please call our team on 1300 887 007 or complete the Business and Employment Form below.

Project Opportunities

Labourers and Trade Assistant

  • General Labour

  • Installation of panels and Mounting System



  • Installation of Solar Panels

  • Electrical DC and AC Wiring

  • Installation of Inverters

  • Installation of conduits and cabling

  • Testing and Commissioining

HV Electricians

  • Installation and Termination of High Voltage Cabling

Mechanical Fitters

Cyclone Fences and Gates

Traffic Management

Civil Works

  • Trenching

  • Excavation

  • Compaction

  • Soil Testing

  • Piling

  • Roads and Tracks


  • Form Work and Pouring of Pits (if required)

  • Some areas may require concrete for piles

  • Footings for Inverters, Transformers and Switch rooms

Plant Operators

  • Forklifts

  • Cranes

  • Excavators

  • Compaction

  • Trucks


  • Earthworks

  • Irrigation

  • Planting

Demolition of existing dwellings and sheds

Transport and logistics

  • Delivery of containers and materials

  • Soil, Sand and Rock

  • Concrete


  • First Aid

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Site and Project Managers

  • Operations and Logistic – Site Management

Engineering and Consultants

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